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Mhoni Vidente predicts a female winner of “The House of Celebrities” in Mexico

“La Casa de los Famosos México” is the reality show of the moment, because its members are causing a lot of scandal, telling truths and rich gossip, in addition to also unleashing ridicule for their uselessness… especially Emilio Osorio, who doesn’t know how to wash his clothes .

That is why fans are placing bets to see who will win the program and take home the prize, and some of the favorites are Wendy Guevara, Sergio Mayer and Poncho de Nigris.

However, Mhoni Vidente has already entered into communion with the stars and cosmic energies to launch his prediction of who will win “The House of Celebrities”.

Mhoni Vidente made a broadcast on Unicable, in which he made various predictions and omens regarding what will happen in the program.

“New loves and divorces come out of that house; many are going to be divorcing because they will last almost 10 weeks. The devil’s letter in The House of Famous, someone is going to be doing witchcraft from the outside, it can be Niurka”, he began in his words.

“But it’s going to be many lovers, many controversial relationships in them and something cool is going to happen,” added the fortune teller, noting that Paul Stanley will no longer want to marry Joely Bernat.

After that, Mhoni Vidente revealed which person will win, according to the astral flows and energies of the tarot:

“I see that a woman is winning; the reality has been won by a woman which is also very well known”, he pronounced, to give more specific details of the identity of that person:

“I think that in the final it will be Niurka’s son, Emilio, and a woman. It can be a trans woman, it can be a trans woman I don’t know the name of this girl (Wendy Guevara) and Emilio, but it’s going to be controversial,” he said.

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