MFF’s sports director wants Jansson home: “Should come this summer”

Malmö FF is, just like the other Allsvenskan clubs, a bit of a springboard into the football world. This means that many of the team’s former players now play around Europe, and for some it may be relevant to return home within the next few years. Malmö FF’s sports manager Daniel Andersson keeps in touch with many players who have previously been in the club, he tells Expressen.

One of them is Emil Forsberg. He has previously opened for a return to MFF, but in connection with his mother club Gif Sundsvall becoming relevant for the Allsvenskan, the national team star shared that a return there feels attractive.

– It will be very hypothetical but it is clear that if he gets a question about Sundsvall, it is still the club that is biggest in his heart. We keep in touch with those who are out and know where we have each other, but with Emil it does not feel so relevant yet. I think he still has quite a few years left out there, says Andersson.

Another player who has been clear about his relationship with MFF is Pontus Jansson, who is currently making his first season in the Premier League with Brentford. At regular intervals, the midfielder appears in the Malmö crowd, but Andersson soon hopes to see him on the pitch instead.

– Pontus should come home for the summer, I think. He gets to play his year in the Premier League, then he gets to come home. I tell him that every day, but he may not listen.

Jansson’s strong relationship with the club would also help Andersson at work to bring home stars when it’s time for Sweden again.

– He can probably help in that, I think for sure. For Pontus and Robin (Olsen) it will be a little more natural to come here. They are from here, they should settle here and create their future here, I would guess. It’s getting a little easier there. It is not as certain that Emil will take root here. But absolutely, Pontus talks a lot and we’ll see if that’s true. We will see him later, says Andersson.

Other former MFF players who may be relevant according to Andersson are Jimmy Durmaz, Filip Helander, Anton Tinnerholm and Isaac Kiese Thelin.


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