Mexico will access 51 million vaccines against Covid-19

Before the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies, Juan Ferrer Aguilar, head of the Institute of Health for Well-being, reported that through COVAX mechanism, Mexico will have 51 million 573,200 doses of vaccinations against Covid, why the government paid an advance of 3 thousand 490 million pesos.

“On September 14, 2020, the Health secretariat and Insabi celebrated an agreement through which Insabi supports the secretariat’s efforts to adhere to the COVAX mechanism, the payment of the advance ensures that Mexico has 51 million 573 thousand 200 doses of vaccines , the one that is approved and I reaffirm, that is approved by the health regulation against the SarsCoV2 virus, the payment was 3 thousand 490 million pesos”.

Regarding the basification of more than 85 thousand health professionals who have contracts as temporary personnel, he announced that for 2021 the creation of 17 thousand 210 places is expected.

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“About 100,000 professionals were renewed annually, which means precariousness because they do not enjoy social security or economic stability, we will begin the regularization program based on criteria in seniority and performance, by 2021 17,210 places will be basified and so on” .

He explained that during the period 2021 – 2024 the goal is to basify 86 thousand 362 budget places, with an investment of more than 35 billion pesos, for next year it is expected to use 2.25 billion pesos for the nearly 20 thousand places.



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