Mexico managed to reduce kidnappings by almost 80%: Conase

MORELIA, Mich., February 4, 2023.- The head of the National Anti-kidnapping Coordination, Marco Antonio Vargas González, affirmed that in the last five years, the country managed to reduce the kidnapping rate by almost 80 percent.

The federal official assured that along with the reduction in crime, legal instances have managed to prosecute more cases and there is an average of almost 100 sentences per month.

After attending the presentation of the Law Initiative Against the Crime of Extortion in Michoacán, the head of the Conase declared that thanks to the judicial processes, almost 50,000 years of accumulated sentences have been achieved against those who were found responsible for that crime.

Vargas González emphasized that since 2019 a coordination model with the judiciary, states, federal and state forces has been established, to create a state of force with greater capabilities to deal with crime.

He foresaw that the reform to the Penal Code so that extortion is prosecuted ex officio, will lay the foundations to achieve an equally efficient model with which kidnapping is currently faced.

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