Mexican went viral after launching a Dr. Simi to Lady Gaga

Dr. Simi is more than the face of the Similiar pharmacy chain. Nowadays, this character has gained great popularity due to a new tradition among Mexicans.

By Estefany Saucedo

A young Mexican went viral on social networks last weekend, because he threw a stuffed animal in the face of none other than Lady Gaga.

The singer is currently touring the world with her Chromatica Ball Tour. However, she has not yet given dates to appear in Mexican territory. For this reason, many of her fans attend her presentations abroad, as happened in Toronto.

While the artist was performing the song “Hold My Hand”, she received a blow from a Dr. Simi that was thrown directly at her head. Of course, Lady Gaga acted professionally and continued the show as if nothing had happened.

The exact moment of impact was broadcast on social networks, which quickly generated an immense number of memes and the Toronto show was on everyone’s lips.

Why do Mexicans throw Dr. Simi stuffed animals onto the celebrity stage?

The tradition of throwing Dr. Simi stuffed animals on stage emerged in November 2021, specifically in the Corona Capital of CDMX.

The doll was thrown on stage while the Norwegian singer, Aurora, was performing. And it was thanks to her funny and cute reaction that that moment went viral and inspired other fandoms to do the same with her favorite singers.

Artists of the stature of Coldplay, Maroon 5, LP, My Chemical Romance, Gorillaz, 5 Seconds of Summer, and many others, have had the famous character in their arms. So now it’s a tradition to have Dr. Simi come on stage and steal the show.


Sometimes fans often characterize this doll with Mexican hats or personalized messages for the artists. Just as it happened with Dr. Simi who was thrown at Lady Gaga, who carried the message “Mexico still loves u”.

Tell us, have you been to a concert where Dr. Simi was thrown on stage?

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