Mexican Omar: I had sex with a woman and her husband dumped me a murderer (Updated, video)

“I came to Bulgaria to teach two people to dance. I had sex with different toys with the lady, and later I found out that the man was her husband. He drowned me in the murder.”

This is what the Mexican Victor Omar, detained for the death of Turgay Sally, said in an exclusive interview for “24 Chasa”. He was fatally shot in the back on February 13th in Haskovo.

Omar explained that he is a circus artist, performing various dances. Such was his higher education. He was in Europe for 17 years, performing all over the continent.

Here he met his ex-wife, from whom he has 3 children. They did not know that their father had been arrested for murder.

“And how can I inform them, when I myself understood why I was detained in the courtroom a while ago?” The Mexican told 24 Chasa.

“I was with my family on Thursday and Friday, we were staying somewhere near Plovdiv. They paid for everything. On Saturday, however, the man was gone, brought us sex toys and disappeared. The woman and I had fun all day with the new acquisitions. I didn’t know that she is his wife, “Omar said.

He explained that a man named Eddie did not show up until Sunday and found his wife Cassandra on Omar. However, he did not worry at all, but went for coffee. “As far as I understand, the murder took place on Sunday night. I think Eddie drowned me only because I’m Mexican,” Omar said. He explained that he was in bed with Cassandra at the Sofia hostel where he was arrested when he was detained.

The man asked the Haskovo District Court to release him from custody. However, Judge Anna Stoilova left him behind bars. She explained that the cartridge case in the Mexican’s car was the same as the one at the crime scene, and the car was photographed minutes after the murder in his area.


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