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Mexican Finalists and Their Short Films: NBA Basketball Stories

The list of mexican finalists With their respective short filmswhich you will be able to see in October, turned out as follows:

Rodrigo Pérez García Solis, Alley Oops (Fiction)

Accompany two brothers who received a pleasant surprise: tickets to watch the match of the NBA in Mexico City, albeit at a tumultuous time in their lives.

Diego Huacúja Torrijos, Chronicles of an orange ball (Animation/documentary)

Animated documentary narrated by Sergio Zúñiga about his experience in El Rastrojo, Oaxaca, where the basketball it has brought the local community together and has changed the lives of its youth.

Jaime Pena Garcia, Modesto: Barefoot Champions of the Mountain (Fiction)

A young Tarahumara finds himself choosing between attending the state tests for basketball or to an important spiritual ceremony.

Amaury Barrera, The air is for those who dream (Fiction)

Alejandro, 25, returns to his hometown in Mexico after emigrating to the United States and is forced to face the death of his father and take care of his elderly mother and their children. To deal with his emotions, he joined a team of basketball local who helped him process the changes in his life.

Damiana Acuna, fields of gold (Fiction)

A wannabe player from WNBAMaría José from Sonora, receives a university scholarship from basketball that it will change her life and she has to decide if she is ready to leave her mother behind.

Eduardo Valenzuela Sotomayor #5 (Fiction)

Issue 5 depicts a day in the life of a young basketball player when an NBA scout travels to Tijuana to watch him play.

Santiago Fabregas Loson, Next Play (Documentary film)

Features three players from the Mexico City Capitanes speaking about the impact the basketball have had in their lives on and off the pitch.

Sebastian Sariñana, Contra (Fiction)

The brother of the famous singer Ximena Sariñana takes advantage of this short film to talk about his relationship with the basketball.

Where to watch NBA Films For Fans movies

NBA Films For Fans has free moviesNBA Films For Fans

In addition to being able to see some of the films that were not selected at the end of the NBA Films For Fans in the application of NBA Appyou can also see the short films that were part of the selected program on the website www.nbafilmsforfans.nbaid.mx/, there you can enjoy from August 25 to September 30 the filmsjust one day before you can see the rest of the programming on the NBA App.

Apart from the two Mexican movies that were chosen by the juries for the main program of the NBA Films For Fanson this website you can also see productions from Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Senegal, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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