“Mew Supasit” apologizes for the drama copy MV “Jae Hyun”, the lawyer insists! No copyright infringement: PPTVHD36

“Mew Supasit” released the second single with the announcement of the big 5 big fan club project.

“Mew Supasit” explains the reason for the change of the manager. Confirm without personal problems

With Mew Suppasit Studio (Steward Mew) clarified. But there have been many days of controversy in the online world. Because there are some requests for the young actor to apologize. And some of them send encouragement to the latest today (4 Mar. 64) Mew Supasit Ready Attorney Nida-Saranya Wangsukcharoen Came out to the table to announce the drama of the aforementioned drama

Mew: I apologize to everyone who is troubled by this. I sincerely apologize (Wai) for the past, I’m really sorry. We don’t think this will affect many people this wide. Causing many people to regret Causing the people around us to be affected as well With this event, it’s really very heartbreaking. I’m sorry everyone (Wai)

For events that occur Having to say the intent, the music video that my cover is Afterglow is copyrighted directly from Warner. Our intent is Since we have a number of foreign fans. I want him to follow in the footsteps of coming to Thailand. I want to see that there is an interesting corner so I use the concept of Street Walk to walk in Bangkok. Behind the scenes are various corners in Bangkok. “

Have you seen the MV that says it is similar?

Mew: After the incident, you can go and have a look. The similarities are based on the points fans captioned on Twitter. Have a chance to go and see We do not intend to copy or make it similar. But what happened, I must really apologize (Wai). When you know about it, give the team Production Department The creative department went in to see what it was like. When we first learned about it I feel very delicate. We have to take time to reflect. We have three announcements about what happened.

Lawyer Nida: In the part of 3 explanatory books released by the team Due to the frustration of the event that people mistakenly believe that this is the copying of the work We have always insisted that we do not intend to copy. But assuming that cuts to shot-to-shot are similar But if you look at the whole picture MV is about 5 minutes long, asking if in this world the similarity can happen or not, can happen today. May be viewed as not coincidentally Whichever is Therefore, Nong Mi apologizes for causing any uneasiness. Preliminary letter of clarification made an apology. We cannot forbid the idea of ​​being sincere or insincere. But when we learned that there was a trend, we removed the MV and released a letter to clarify. We thought it would be enough for the actions to take place, but as of today it is the answer, so we know it is not enough. Sincere or insincere matters do not want you to look there. Everything is made out of sincerity. If you look at it with prejudice, it will still be insincere.

Today in the press conference The intent is true. I want to apologize Which she has already made that she apologizes for causing conflicts and discomfort, we talk to them all the time Nong and the manager always consult and tell me what’s wrong with what you do. Which Nida confirmed to her own that this act was not copyright infringement at all Not breaking any law Today the lawyer would like to ask if Henceforth, we will continue to remove the law or pleasure. If the law is set Today, you may not have to apologize at all. Because in the light of the law of copyright infringement, nothing is wrong. If we say that we will take pleasure. Means in every subject One day, there was an incident that was not illegal, but was not satisfied. There was pressure on people to apologize. Are we going to let society come out like this? Always talked about which one is correct

Since the incident, we haven’t heard of Nong Mew’s apology. Actually, Nida was the one who proposed and told her that she didn’t want her to apologize for this action. Because he saw that it was not illegal and that the camp had removed the MV and issued a letter of clarification If this was a penalty, I thought it would be appropriate that everyone could take it. If everyone still feels that this is not enough Pointing out that Mew must be the only person, what do you do with anyone?

With the MV concept

Mew: For the MV concept. About Luke or character Tell me, we can’t think carefully. Because the hair color at that time was really that color, I haven’t done a new one since January. Used to shoot my third MV. Which hair color is fading down We don’t mean Regarding funds, we spend very little, use 1 camera to capture the look, so I want to be comfortable. Costumes are provided.

Storyboard section I gave the reverence of i love you 300 to the team to find 3 more songs, which I am a fan of Boyce Avenue. Which the storyboards only put in place to take photos of where Confirmed that no Reverance comes from the song I Like Me Better.

For the first feeling of seeing his MV I feel that it is very normal, walking on the streets, taking pictures and shooting places. It’s something we all do already. Having said that, there are a lot of poses. But if the posture is really beautiful The photo is beautiful or suitable for the MV body. Already remembered by the cameraman He will know that this angle is beautiful. Try shooting like this. For example, the bridge itself, if taken from the front, you can already see the river.

Lawyer Nida: In terms of NIDA, it looks on the side. If you shoot a street walk, how many types can you take? It does not run away. Walking across the street Take a walk In the shock of the bridge How many types of it can be taken? After taking pictures from the back, I can’t see the river anyway. It can only be taken in one corner. How many people compared, how many poses are cute, how many people have held up two fingers? It’s similar, I don’t know how much. When today came out to claim to be addicted to the hashtag muse How well we understand the word copy We understand how much copyright infringement is. What is the copyright protection law in Thailand, copying foreign countries? Foreign countries use this law We think this is the most universal. Compare the socket, if you think that it is the same But that’s not copyright infringement. And this is not a legal gap. Items like this can be accidental and happen. Which does not violate copyright “

When watching these two MVs, do we have any doubts that they are similar?

Mew: A mousse and tone feel. I must say that it is similar in every MV that the REFR has come. Which should go more like the way we have been Because we set mousse and tone The sets are similar to him. We didn’t copy, we used it as a reaper instead of asking Jaehyun. We just came to see it after the actual incident. During the time that I have always regretted it. We were attacked, we were already sad. But it turns out that the people we love around our fans, other people’s fans, too, are disputed. Everything went awry, I was so sad, I apologized today.

That didn’t come out earlier I want the lawyer to say that we consulted the lawyer all the time when should we come out? Well, I have been wanting to come out for a very long time. It is a very sensitive matter. Really affects many people Can’t think and come out to do it

When we found out about it, we removed the MV. The part that said that the MV would be improved That is, we have received the problem from Warner To sing this song So I thought that I would modify or change the format altogether. The creative streetwalk is the one who thinks it. The direction is now expected to change the concept altogether.

Today, I intend to apologize to everyone affected. In the future, I will be careful not to happen like this again. I want to say to all the fans Not just my fans I really understand everyone Everyone loves their artist. Expect their own artists to be in a good way. Thank you for your continued support. I always tell my fans that the love that everyone gives Everyone’s support allows us to continue to build on. Inspire yourself to develop

In the matter of “Jaehyun”, it is really sad that we involved him. I must really apologize to him. Involving his name

For today who came out to apologize Because I really feel very guilty I don’t want this to happen again. I want to apologize to both fans of the club. And everyone who is uncomfortable I apologize to the people around me who have suffered from this issue. ”

As for the unearthed issues in the past, Mew revealed that it was quite far out of the point. But who can’t say what Crying and explaining the drama of being dug into the old clip Art Phakphum Former Jin of the series What The Duck Ruk Landing Came out to live live until he saw that there was a problem then Miu revealed that

“Art and I finished together very well. They are brothers and sisters who meet at work and can talk normally. We don’t want to go back and talk about the past. The events in the shared clip After that, there was an adjustment for understanding. Talk successfully What happens through the use of emotions. And also misuse social media After that, we have more work to come. Which our relationship is already good “

side Attorney Nida Revealing the various hashtag trends that “I don’t want to use the word threatening But it is a violation All artists are in the media. Rely on support But at the same time it can be destroyed as well The lawsuit no longer exists. This has not been discussed yet. Mainly today to take care of copyright Who had never met Nong Mew before But many people who scolded to their parents may be listed. Including the use of the word SexualHarassment Which is severe homophobia Without truth at all, would like to end Otherwise, the reputation of the artist must be protected. “


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