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Metropolitan Region Hanover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg wants to work more efficiently

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Keeping up in a globalized world: That is, in a nutshell, the concern of the Hanover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg GmbH metropolitan region, founded in 2009. The 18-member supervisory board of this supraregional economic development has now come together for a meeting to discuss the organizational, structural and financial development of Metropolregion GmbH. It was decided to reduce the shareholders’ meeting from currently 42 to eight members, according to a message from Julia Widmer. She is responsible for corporate communications in the metropolitan region.

At a meeting dealing with the annual financial statements, a report was also presented on the following questions about the future direction: focus on the topics of mobility, health and location marketing, more intensive cooperation between the shareholders, adequate staffing, more efficient committee structures and secure financial multi-year planning. In short: Metropolregion GmbH wants to work more efficiently.

Supervisory board presents principles

The shareholders’ committee appointed by the supervisory board, consisting of representatives of the eponymous cities as well as the associations of the municipalities, business and science as well as the state of Lower Saxony and the management of the metropolitan region, presented the principles it had developed during the supervisory board meeting, which ensure the long-term achievement of corporate goals should secure, will be communicated.

According to Widmer, the supervisory board is in favor of moving away from the provision of personnel (hiring out employees by the employer to a third party) towards direct employment with the GmbH, and still in favor of a minimum budget of 880,000 euros for personnel and material costs GmbH. In the future, the shareholders’ committee should act as a permanent link between the shareholders, the supervisory board and management and facilitate metropolitan coordination.

“Strong networker, active designer”

“The metropolitan region has held its own under difficult conditions over the past eleven years. It acts as a strong networker, a valuable source of inspiration and an active designer of the metropolitan sub-areas ”, says Ulrich Markurth, Lord Mayor of Braunschweig and Chairman of the Supervisory Board. His thanks go in particular to the “committed employees and the strong management who work with a lot of passion and professionalism for our metropolitan region”. Markurth: “We will make our greatest possible contribution to further development in order to be successful together for the next ten years.”

“Turning the adjusting screws together”

At the shareholders’ meeting in May, the supervisory board will present an interim report on the results of the further development of Metropolregion GmbH and confirm the submitted schedule until a new shareholder agreement is agreed in the second half of the year. “We are in a positive mood and after eleven successful years we have made another real step forward. It is now a matter of working together on the right screws in order to secure the capacity to act and the innovative strength of the metropolitan region in the long term “, says Belit Onay (Greens), Lord Mayor of the state capital Hanover and deputy chairman of the supervisory board of Metropolitan Region GmbH.

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According to the GmbH, the support of regional economic cycles and the strengthening of regional awareness are among the challenges that the metropolitan region is facing. The mayors of the cities of Hanover and Braunschweig take turns chairing the society.

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