Metodi Lalov wants the resignations of Hristo Ivanov, Antoaneta Tsoneva and Ivaylo Mirchev

Lalov’s methods

“In view of what has been happening for years in the Yes Bulgaria party and in the Democratic Bulgaria coalition, I think that after the elections Hristo Ivanov should resign as chairman of the party. A large part of the Executive Council should also resign.” Yes, Bulgaria “, in particular Ivaylo Mirchev and Antoaneta Tsoneva.” This was written on Facebook by Metodi Lalov, who until recently was chairman of the group “Democratic Bulgaria” in the Sofia Municipal Council.

Here is what Lalov wrote:

The undemocratic leadership of the party demotivates and repulses more and more people and attracts more and more others with clientelistic thinking and goals. Inevitably, this will have negative consequences for the democratic community, which will be similar in the results of the upcoming elections.

Last night I explained in my post some of the reasons to say this. After the elections, I will speak in even more detail, as I will do in more detail at the National Conference of “Yes, Bulgaria”, if the National Council of “Yes, Bulgaria” ever decides to convene it, as this had to be done a lot. long ago, but convenient for someone this does not happen (as a result, the mandate of all party bodies has expired).

I’m talking now (I’ve been doing it for many months, including in public, but no one will hear), because then you’ll ask me why I was part of creating this vicious model. And because it is always appropriate to talk about the truth (for some it is always inappropriate).



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