Metodi Lalov resigned as head of the DB group in SOS


“Today, at a meeting of the group of Democratic Bulgaria in the Sofia Municipal Council, I resigned as its chairman.”

This was announced by a post on Facebook by Metodi Lalov.

“As an expression of my vote of confidence in Sofia, I will continue my work in SOS as a municipal councilor from” Democratic Bulgaria “for the implementation of the stated program within the law and always in the interest of citizens. My decision is entirely personal and on my initiative, but it is not for “personal reasons”, as it is fashionable to motivate resignations in our political reality. and my skills to achieve a legal, social and democratic state, which is the common goal of the majority of members and supporters of “Yes, Bulgaria” and the other parties in the coalition, and because of which I left my position as a judge in the Sofia District Court, “Lalov wrote.

According to him, the SOC group will elect a new chairman at its meeting in the coming days.



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