Meteorology reveals the causes of high temperatures and issues an urgent warning to citizens

These days, the country is witnessing a state of stability in weather conditions, with a rise in Temperatures This is despite the fact that we are in the winter season, which is not what the citizens are used to these days.

Authority confirmed Met In its report, the meteorologist said that this is not the first time that a rise in temperatures has occurred in January, as the temperature before this in January 2018 reached 24 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in other years reached higher rates than that, such as in 2021. Where the temperature was higher than normal.

And the Meteorological Authority warned citizens against being deceived by the high temperatures and loosening the clothes, explaining that this situation will not remain for much, and we must not be deceived by this, especially since we are still in the winter season, as it is expected that we will be affected by the weather depressions in the coming period.

The Meteorological Authority indicated that the reason for the rise during this period is due to the advance of the Siberian High to eastern Europe and to the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as its extension over eastern Europe worked to prevent us from being affected by the depressions that occur in Europe, as well as the extension of the Siberian High to the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia worked along the Red Sea depression, which provided us with warm air masses during the day and southeasterly winds.

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And the Meteorological Authority continued: As for the upper layers of the atmosphere, we are affected by an air rise that acts as a thermal dome or an umbrella and traps all of the moisture, suspended impurities, dust and smoke in layers close to the surface, which is a key factor in raising temperatures, and the state of stability that we are going through, and one of the most important reasons for formation Waterfall in the morning.

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