Meta Quest v35: Mixed Reality Capture y llamadas de Messenger

New news for lovers of virtual reality and owners of Meta Quest, the new version called oculus or meta quest v35 will have substantial improvements for gamers and streamers. Let’s quickly go over what’s to come so you don’t miss any details.

If you want to see the v34 update, we recommend this link to understand what interesting things you currently have.

Quest Mixed Reality

The upcoming Oculus Quest and Meta Quest 2 update will add a useful tool for content creators and hardcore gamers. Capturing mixed reality through the iPhone is a method that will allow us to record our experience and be able to share it more easily with our friends, that is, it will reduce the tedious process of adding a good background, configuring the camera to track the controls and pray that it stays that way forever. I hope that process is streamlined, although Zuckerberg has not announced exactly how it will work, we are very hopeful that it will be a positive update.

Mixed reality capture probably refers to recording the gamer’s experience with an iPhone camera. Let’s wait for the official arrival to fully understand.

Messenger calls

With the Quest v35 version, calls will also arrive through Messenger. This means that possibly the headset will be a device to receive web calls to chat with your friends. They will obviously call you via smartphone or PC. Now this process may be good for some, but an ordeal for others. Surely there will be the option to block those calls or add the famous “do not disturb. Zuckerberg also confirmed that there will be new customization options for Horizon Workrooms.

Quest updates are right around the corner. Wait!

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