Meta Leaked Smartwatch Form, Similar to Apple Watch with a Camera


Some time ago Facebook, which is now renamed to Meta, reportedly in development smartwatch Apple Watch competitor. Now the form of the smartwatch has been revealed.

The form of the smartwatch was uploaded by Bloomberg and shows a box-shaped watch with rounded corners, much like the Apple Watch. The difference is that at the bottom of the clock screen there is a notch filled with a camera.

This photo was first discovered by app developer Steve Moser in the Facebook app used to control the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. It is possible that this smartwatch will be able to be controlled using these glasses.

Aside from the rounded design and camera, this smartwatch seems to have a stainless steel case and detachable strap. Moser also said the code in the Facebook app indicated the smartwatch might carry the Milan name.

Because it is equipped with a camera, this smartwatch will be able to take photos and videos which can then be downloaded on a cellphone, as quoted from Engadget, Saturday (29/10/2021).

Bloomberg says Meta plans to launch this smartwatch in 2022, but the schedule is not final yet. In addition, the parent of Facebook is also rumored to be developing three generations of smartwatches that will be launched at different times.

smartwatch photo Meta This leak probably won’t be the final design that will be released publicly. But at least the existence of this photo confirms a report from last June about a Facebook smartwatch.

At the time, The Verge reported that the Facebook smartwatch would have two cameras, with the second camera being removable. The main camera is predicted to support video calls and has a resolution of 1080p.

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This isn’t the first time a tech company has created a smartwatch with a camera. In 2013, Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch with a 1.9 MP camera. But it seems that this feature is less popular because currently there are no more smartwatches equipped with cameras.

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