Meta is sued by the Phhhoto application because of the Boomerang feature on Instagram


A photo app called Phhhoto has filed a lawsuit against Meta. Photo/doc

MENLO PARK – A photo app called Phhoto files a lawsuit against Meta, the parent company Facebook recently rebranded.

Citing a page The Verge, Sunday (11/07/2021), the lawsuit was addressed on the basis of antitrust.

Phhhoto claims that Meta pretended to be interested in working with him, but instead cheated on Phhhoto’s features and hid his name from search, bringing the company out of business.

The technology owned by Phhhoto is that it allows users to capture five frames in one point and one shot. Furthermore, these photos are looped into short videos to be shared on the platform and on Instagram.

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According to Phhhoto, one of Meta’s products, namely Instagram, copied Phhhoto’s main features and released it as Boomerang on Instagram in 2015.

At that time Instagram blocked Phhoto from the Instagram API and from Instagram uploads.

“Action Facebook and Instagram destroy Phhhoto as a viable business and damage the company’s investment prospects,” Phhhoto said in their lawsuit in US District Court.

Phhhoto claims his bankruptcy was a direct result of Facebook’s anti-competitive behavior. In fact, according to the company, Phhoto is positioned to grow into a large social media, the same as companies that are not interfered by Facebook.

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