Meta Introduces ‘Home’ and ‘Feeds’ Tabs on Facebook

Today, the signing Meta presented the eyelashes ‘Start’ y ‘Feeds‘ in Facebook so that people have greater control of their experience in the app.

‘Home’ will allow you to discover content through personalized recommendations that include posts from friends and creators.

For his part, ‘Feeds‘ will display posts from friends and communities you follow in chronological order.

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Start” is the tab you see first when you open the app. Facebook. Here you will discover new content through recommendations, as well as connect with your friends and family.

From Home, you can also create a Reelsee what your connections share on their Feed e storiesand create a community around new and shared interests.

Tu Feed on Home is uniquely personalized through the machine learning classification system.

This system takes into account thousands of signals to help eliminate clutter and rank content in the order we think you’ll find most valuable.

“We are investing in artificial intelligence to improve the delivery of recommended content in this classified experience,” Meta said.


Starting today, some people will see Feeds as a tab on your shortcut bar; on iOS, this bar is at the bottom of the app, and on Android, it’s at the top.

“We expect these updates to roll out globally over the next week. The tabs on the shortcut bar change, depending on which parts of the app you use the most. You can also customize and pin a tab to the shortcut bar, making its location permanent.

“One of the most requested features for Facebook is making sure people don’t miss out on their friends’ posts,” Meta CEO wrote, Mark Zuckerbergin a Facebook post announcing the changes.

“We’re making it easier for you to control what you see and discover on Facebook. Introducing Feeds, a new tab that lets you easily see the most recent posts from your friends, Pages and groups. You can curate a list of Favorites, among your friends and the Pages you are most interested in, and filter their content in this new tab. We are also naming the main tab (the first thing you see when you open the app) “Home”. This will be the starting point for the connection, entertainment and discovery on Facebook”.

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