Meta Give Features to Admin Change Views in Facebook Groups


Facebook’s parent company recently rebranded, Meta introduced several new features that can help admins in Facebook groups. Photo/doc

JAKARTA – Parent company Facebook recently rebranded, Meta introduces several new features that can help admins in Facebook groups. One of the new features is the unique greeting that the group admin sends to new members.

Head of Facebook App Tom Alison, said that each group has its own uniqueness and culture. For this reason, the admin is now given a way to customize the look and atmosphere of the group so that it remains unique.

The admins can make some changes in the group Facebook -his. This includes easily customizing the colors, backgrounds, and fonts of posts displayed in groups, along with emojis that members can use to respond to content.

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“Admins can also use the feature set to select a set of preset post formats, badges, admin features, and more that can be activated for groups with one click, so that communities can interact the way they want,” Alison said in a written statement, Sunday (7/7). /11/2021)

Provide suggestions for members to use the preferred format when they post in the group. This will appear on the new post button that persists as members browse the group, so they don’t have to scroll back to the top anymore if they want to post.

Admins can also create unique greetings and share group rules that new members will automatically receive when they join the group.

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Members can also reward the community, such as Insightful, Uplifting, or Fun, for content they find useful.

These awards encourage engagement, make content easier for members to view, and help optimally demonstrate group content.


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