Meta Clashes with Apple on the Metaverse


Mark ZuckerbergCEO Metabelieve that Apple and Meta currently competing in to build metaverse.

The competition, according to Zuck, occurs at the deepest level, namely in terms of philosophy. This was revealed by Zuck to his employees in early July, where he explained how Meta and Apple are competing to determine the direction of internet development going forward.

According to him, Meta will take different steps than Apple. That is to position themselves more openly with cheaper device prices, as quoted by detikINET from The Verge, Thursday (28/7/2022).



“This is a competition in the realm of philosophy and ideas, where they believe that doing everything themselves and tight integration will provide a better experience for consumers,” explained Zuck in the internal meeting.

“And we believe that a lot of things have to be done with specialization between different companies, and that will make the ecosystem created can be bigger,” he added.

Since changing the name of the Facebook company to Meta, Zuck has continued to promote the concept of the metaverse, or what he envisions to be the development of the next stage of computing after smartphones.

Meta itself previously took part in creating the Metaverse Open Standards Group, along with Microsoft, Epic Games, and others. The goal is to create an open protocol, where people can easily enjoy the immersive world of the metaverse.

Of course, Apple did not join the group, and Zuck himself was not surprised by Apple’s move. According to Zuck, Apple’s steps to make everything themselves can work on the iPhone, but for the metaverse, it is not yet known whether a closed or open ecosystem will be better.

On the other hand, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been outspoken about Apple’s plans in the realm of augmented reality (AR). But so far they are still silent about the planned release of hardware in this realm, even though it has long been rumored to be releasing an AR/VR headset.

Meanwhile, Meta also plans to release a similar device in 2022, a headset with the Cambria code, and an AR-tech glasses.

From Zuck’s statement, it seems that he wants to position Meta like Android for iOS. That is an open metaverse ecosystem, where other companies can participate in developing it.

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