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The star’s family is as famous among fans as Argentine superstar Lionel Messi. Images and videos of Messi with his wife Antonella and sons Thiago, Matteo and Ciro are causing a stir on social media. During yesterday’s Argentina-Australia soccer match, a trick shown by second Mateo is now gaining media attention.

Seven-year-old Matteo sat with his mother among the spectators at the stadium. Other spectators in the stadium captured their footage and took selfies. Matteo watched the game while chewing gum. But after a while Mateo, who picked up the chewing gum, couldn’t find a place to throw it away. Then he didn’t look at anything and threw the gum he was holding into the audience. Antonella saw the misdeeds of her son and immediately intervened. They can also be seen scolding their son in the footage.

Mateo quickly moved to his mother’s side. Their younger son Siro was also with them. The video of Mateo’s prank went viral after it hit social media. Many respond that children will always be children, no matter how famous they are. Many also note that Antonella was a good mother who immediately tried to remedy the misdeeds of her son.

At the same time, there are those who make funny comments like Matteo threw away his chewing gum when someone said that Ronaldo is a better player than Messi. It was also reported in the media that Messi left the stadium crying after Argentina lost in their first match of the World Cup.

Content Summary : Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela blew up their son Mateo, for throwing bubble gum

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