Messi scored fantastic kick on special Rick and Morty shoes | Football

sport">Of fluorescent green color of the shoes is based on the world famous sitcom Rick and Morty, especially on the cabin where the two cartoon characters are teleported to experience ‘intergalactic adventures’. Adidas also switched for the launch of the shoes Rick en Morty in. And that resulted in a hilarious video that YouTube has been viewed more than 3 million times.

sport">So Messi and Salah played on the shoes last weekend, which have a special technology in the sole that should increase the sprint speed. Both top players were immediately decisive in the first league game of the season. Salah scored, but got stuck with Liverpool at 2-2 with PhD student Fulham. Messi scored twice, including a fantastic overhead kick, and also handed out an assist. PSG won 0-5 on the field of Clermont Foot.

sport">Bron: The newspapaer

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