Messenger trick: here’s how it works: Whatsapp chat without an entry in the address book

Whether it’s making an appointment with a dealer or a company support request: You don’t want to create a contact in your mobile phone book for every Whatsapp chat. You must not.

The function is not new, but it is very useful and perhaps not all WhatsApp users know about it: the so-called click-to-chat function allows you to chat with any person or company without their contact being saved on the smartphone phone. . The only requirement on both sides: an active Whatsapp account.

And here’s how it works: in any browser, simply add the corresponding telephone number with the country code but without the zeros in the area code, plus signs, parentheses, spaces or dashes, explained Whatsapp in the help section of its website.

Example: “”. Then press the Enter key and the information “Chat on Whatsapp with 4917912345678910” appears on the page. Then simply tap the “Continue Chatting” button and the chat will automatically open. The whole thing works on smartphones and tablets as well as on any computer equipped with Whatsapp-Web-App in the browser.

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