Merkel wants to keep gas transit through Ukraine

Merkel: our task is to preserve Ukraine’s status as a gas transit partner

German Chancellor said that Germany wants to keep gas transit through Ukraine after the launch of Nord Stream 2

The German government supports the project Nord Stream 2, but at the same time plans to keep Ukraine’s status as a gas transit partner. This was stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday, September 11, at a press conference in Warsaw with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. UNN.

“We actually discussed also energy relations, issues related to Nord Stream 2… I made it clear once again that our task is to maintain Ukraine’s status as a transit partner (gas), “she said.

“This is what our agreement with the United States is aimed at. We said that we support Nord Stream 2“, – said the chancellor.

According to the Chancellor, Berlin and Washington proceed from the assumption that after the expiration of the current agreement between Moscow and Kiev in 2024, Ukraine will remain a transit country for Russian gas.

“This topic will, of course, continue on the agenda,” Merkel stressed, noting that “the future government of Germany is obliged” to ensure the preservation of transit.

The Chancellor announced that Berlin intends to overcome the differences between Germany and Poland on the issue Nord Stream 2.

“This is our goal. We have also agreed with the United States that we will strive to have Russia’s commitments in advance to ensure that gas transit through Ukraine is guaranteed after 2024. We have a special commissioner for this matter,” Merkel said.

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We will remind, the Russian Gazprom announced the completion of construction Sevpotoka-2. In support of this, the operator Nord Stream 2 AG released a video.

In response, the President’s Office assured that Ukraine will fight with this project even after the start of gas supplies, and the Kremlin said that when the SP-2 is launched, “all will be the winners.”

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