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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin have called for a solution to the crisis in Libya on Saturday. After a meeting in Moscow, which also discussed the escalation of tension in the Middle East, both leaders urged the parties to negotiate, after early Weekend Russia and Turkey –Which support opposing sides– they will call a ceasefire I had to start at midnight. The peace talks, Merkel said, will be held in Berlin under the auspices of the UN.

In a joint press conference, after a meeting with the German leader of almost four hours, Putin also denied the presence of Russian mercenaries in Libya where, according to different information, they are helping loyal troops to Marshal Jalifa Hafter. In fact, Turkey has accused Moscow of sending 2,000 mercenaries to Libya. “If there are Russian citizens there, they do not represent the interests of the Russian State and do not receive money from the Russian State,” Putin said. “In any war there are mercenaries,” added the president, whose meeting with the German chancellor concluded a day of intense telephone conversations about Libya with the leaders of the Arab Emirates, Qatar and Egypt.

The aim of the peace talks, Merkel said, is to give the Maghreb country the opportunity to “become a sovereign and peaceful country.” All parties will have a role in the talks, said the chancellor, whose visit to Moscow at such an intense moment of tensions in the Middle East to discuss the situation shows Germany’s approach to Russia, despite the sanctions.

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“Unfortunately, hostilities continue in Libya, terrorist activity is growing and the economy and social sphere, unfortunately, are degrading,” said Putin, who urged finding a solution. The crisis, where troops loyal to Hafter – who are supported by Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia – fight against those of the Government of National Agreement – the only one recognized by the UN and with effective turkey support, which has sent military instructors – in that country, “it has a negative projection on Europe,” he said. “I mean illegal migration, smuggling, trade and the proliferation of weapons,” said the Russian president.

In addition, at the meeting, about three and a half hours, both leaders talked about the need to resolve the escalation of tension in the Middle East and to find a solution for the nuclear agreement with Iran. Germany and Russia are among the world powers that have been trying to save the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran after the United States withdrew from the agreement unilaterally in 2018. They also talked about the situation in Syria and the construction of the controversial Nord Stream gas pipeline –2, which should bring Russian gas to Germany but whose construction is currently suspended by sanctions.

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