Merkel admits, we haven’t done enough for the climate – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BERLIN, JULY 22 – A few days after the devastating floods that killed almost 200 people in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel stresses the need to “accelerate” the fight against climate change by admitting, for the first time, that the his and many other countries around the world have not done enough.

“It cannot be said that we have not done anything but it is a fact that not enough has been done to achieve” the goals of Paris, Merkel said while meeting with journalists just over a month after her farewell to politics, after the elections of September.

“This is not only true for Germany, but for many countries around the world, which is why we have to accelerate”, underlined the German Chancellor who had already asked for action last Sunday, visiting the victims of the floods in Rhineland-Palatinate. faster for the climate. Yesterday the Berlin government approved a huge aid package for the regions affected by the floods, unlocking around 400 million euros. “We have also ensured that this sum will be increased if it is not enough,” Merkel said.

However, the Chancellor claimed the attention that her government has given to environmental policies, recalling that it has set new targets for reducing emissions. Germany now aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2045, five years earlier than previously set. (HANDLE).


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