Merchant Associations of Dajabón Advocate for Inclusion in Economic Support Measures

Merchant Associations of Dajabón Advocate for Inclusion in Economic Support Measures

Santo Domingo – Representatives of the merchant associations of the Dajabón binational market expressed their concern about the measures implemented to mitigate the effects of the border closure with Haiti. This is due to the construction of an irrigation canal that seeks to divert the course of the Masacre River towards Haitian territory.

Although they recognize that these measures benefit producers, they consider that they are not enough to support local merchants.

Abigail Bueno, president of the Dajabón Merchants Association, highlighted the need for members of her association to be included in the zero-rate loan program announced by the State through the Agricultural Bank.

“We did not like the availability of the bank, since it is only aimed at producers,” said Abigail Bueno.

On the other hand, Freddy Morillo, president of the Federation of Dajabón Merchants, expressed his discontent at the lack of inclusion of merchants in the loan facilities announced by the government.

The business community of Pedernales has also experienced a drop in sales due to the closure of the border with Haiti, which has caused concern among local business owners.

The merchant associations of Dajabón call on the authorities to consider the inclusion of their sector in the economic support measures, with the aim of mitigating the adverse effects caused by this situation.

2023-09-20 22:13:26
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