Home Business Mercedes S-Class: This is what the interior of the sedan looks like

Mercedes S-Class: This is what the interior of the sedan looks like


Buying a car and then not driving yourself? With the S-Class from Mercedes, this is quite normal. Here the owner is usually not sitting in the front left, but in the back right and is being chauffeured around by the driver. Nothing will change in the seventh edition of the flagship, which Mercedes will unveil in September. Accordingly, the comfort functions for the rear are almost more decisive than the drive. And this is exactly where Mercedes allows us to take a look at the new S-Class two months before the unveiling.

The Stuttgart-based company has the second generation of its MBUX operating and multimedia system ready for the most prestigious models with a star. What in the A-Class celebrated its premiere two years ago, has been further developed in a targeted manner and is now available for the first time for the occupants of the second row. For the passengers stands like the competitor BMW 7 Series or Bentley Flying Spur a central touchscreen is now available. This can also be removed and used like a tablet, which significantly simplifies operation.



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