“Mercedes, Hyundai and Toyota” .. Details of the stock car auction session

07:00 AM

Sunday 11 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Obeid:

The public auction session scheduled to sell 51 lots of cars, imported from abroad and stored in the customs yard of cars at Cairo International Airport, will take place next Tuesday at 12 noon, in the hall of the Egyptian Cairo Club, in Ain Sira, next to Al-Fustat Park, and the cars that the auction session will be held to sell, from concessions And the customs authority’s confiscations imported from abroad various brands, models and models.

Sources at the airport said that car brands include: (Mercedes – Ford – Chrysler – Porsche – Hummer – Mazda – Nissan – BMW – Range Rover – Audi – Chevrolet – Ford – Hyundai – Land Rover – Jeep Patriot – Toyota – Peugeot), and a brochure is sold. Conditions for the auction for 400 pounds at the headquarters of the Public Authority for Government Services, 7 Dr. Muhammad Hamid Fahmy Street off Tahrir Street facing the Faisal Islamic Bank in Dokki.

Cars can be inspected at the Cairo Customs car park at Cairo International Airport, near the bus stop at Cairo Airport, starting today, Sunday, at 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. during official working days until the day of the auction, and the national ID card is presented to ordinary individuals, provided that it is valid The tax card is presented on condition of entering the auction to its subject (merchants).

Those wishing to participate in the auction must purchase the conditions brochure and pay the deposit of 10 thousand pounds to enter the auction in the customs safe of cars at Cairo airport as temporary insurance in the customs treasury or during the auction. The temporary insurance is not refunded until after the session ends, and in the event that no lot of cars have landed on The participant in the auction is refunded the insurance, and the insurance is deducted from the car price in the event that the lot is anchored to the subscriber.

And every buyer who wants to buy more than one lot must pay an insurance receipt before starting the bid in the second lot, and an insurance receipt is placed for each lot separately, and the one who is awarded the auction pays 30% of the price of the sold car once the auction ends, and in the event of non-payment or Withdrawing the tenderer whose bid becomes temporary insurance becomes the right of the administrative body, and the down payment is made in cash with the authority’s treasury or by an acceptable bank check, and the remainder of the 70% amount is paid within 15 days from the day following the auction award, and an additional 10-day payment period may be granted with the approval of the authority Competent.


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