Mercedes F1, 2021 PU fixes MGU-K problem with “new innovation”[]

Mercedes F1 explains that it is adopting “a whole new innovation” to find more performance and reliability in the 2021 F1 power unit.

Currently F1 champion Mercedes F1 released a rendered image of the 2021 F1 machine “W12” on Tuesday, March 2nd. With the updated coloring, we will challenge the unprecedented double title 8 consecutive victories.

This year, regulations have significantly carried over last year’s mechanical parts, but the team explained that the Mercedes W12 is characterized by “significant aerodynamic changes along with improvements in areas such as suspension, cooling systems and power units.” To do.

Highwell Thomas, head of F1 engine at Mercedes, recently admitted that the team is fighting to solve “some problems” with the new power unit, but even better performance than the latest machine, the W12. And revealed the changes the team made to bring out the credibility.

“Our new product is the distinctive Mercedes-AMG power unit, but we’ve been working hard on the next development step,” explained Thomas.

“Stable regulation means that unlocking additional performance is becoming more and more difficult, so a focused approach is needed.”

“We have identified three key areas to work on. First, we have continued to develop technology in the power unit. It is a continuous process and we feel we have taken a step forward this year as well.”

“The second area is reliability. Last year, we discovered some design issues and introduced some changes to investigate and address them. Also, a whole new innovation for the first time in racing PUs. There are also some “

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“It was particularly challenging as last season ended late. The winter months were shorter than usual and less time to prepare, which put an extra burden on the business.”

Highwell Thomas also reveals that Mercedes has fixed a reliability issue it encountered with the MGU-K last year.

“We introduced a complete redesign in 2020, which is a very different MGU-K than the one we were running before,” Highwell Thomas added.

“It helped us ensure performance progress, but the design proved to be consistently difficult to manufacture and assemble.”

“There were many examples of MGU-K running in full cycle and doing exactly what we wanted, but there were also some cases of failure in middle age. In 2021, we went back. I reviewed the design and understood where the obstacle came from. “

“This year, we changed it to enable a more consistent manufacturing route that would help improve the reliability of the MGU-K.”

Mercedes has focused engine development on changing turbochargers, introducing new permits for engine blocks, and achieving increased thermal efficiency with ICE.

“Most of the development is found in the core of power units that want maximum power from the combustion process,” continues Highell Thomas.

“Along with that, we’ve made changes to the turbocharger to minimize its impact on heat removal. These are probably the most impressive when it comes to crank power and power unit performance.”

“We have also completed work to improve the reliability of the PU. In 2020, we introduced a new alloy in the engine block because we used an aluminum structure that was not as reliable as we intended. We also made the energy recovery system more reliable. We made some adjustments to make it resilient. “

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“There are 23 races scheduled for 2021 and there is a big challenge. We need to ensure the reliability of the power unit. We have been working hard in that area and hope it will be rewarded. ”

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