Mercedes crashes into two cars

When the vehicle was about to stop, the driver suddenly accelerated. A patrol crew of the Aschaffenburg-Hsbach traffic police had become aware of a Mercedes on Saturday evening that was on the A3 with stolen license plates. The attempt to escape finally ended after a traffic accident in Keilberg. The police arrested the man behind the wheel for the time being, write the Aschaffenburg public prosecutor’s office and the Lower Franconia police station in a joint press release.

How exactly did the chase come about? Shortly before 8:30 p.m. the Mercedes was on the A3 in the direction of Wrzburg and was targeted by a uniformed patrol crew. It turned out that the attached license plates did not match the vehicle. After the Mercedes driver noticed the police, he tried to escape via the exit in Bessenbach and drove away at excessive speed. The officers immediately started the persecution.

In the local area of ​​Keilberg there was finally a traffic accident. After the Mercedes had turned several times there, it collided with two stationary cars on Sonnenstrasse. Fortunately, nobody was injured. However, there was considerable property damage, which, according to initial estimates, should total around 50,000 euros.

35-year-olds did not have a license

The Mercedes was no longer ready to drive after the traffic accident. The officials temporarily arrested the 35-year-old behind the wheel without resistance and took him to the police station. A check showed that the man who lives in Frankfurt am Main does not have a driver’s license. In addition, drug-typical characteristics were found in him. There is therefore a suspicion that he was under the influence of drugs at the time of his journey.

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The further investigations into the case were subsequently carried out by the Aschaffenburg police station in close coordination with the Aschaffenburg public prosecutor’s office. By order of the public prosecutor’s office, the arrested person was brought before the investigating judge on Sunday morning. She ordered that an already existing arrest warrant for theft against the 35-year-old, who had initially been suspended against conditions, be reinstated. The man was then taken to a correctional facility.

The suspect is now being investigated, among other things, on suspicion of being a traffic hazard. Road users who may have been endangered by the man’s reckless driving style on Saturday evening are asked to contact the Aschaffenburg police station on tel. 06021/8570.

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