Mercedes-Benz with large electric car investment – Six new premium electric cars on the way

Now there is a serious selection of all-electric cars on the Norwegian market. More and more manufacturers have shown that they take electrification seriously, at the same time as more and more new manufacturers have emerged.

SURPRISED: Consumer economist Silje Sandmæl expresses surprise at the annual fee for electric cars. Video: Dagbladet TV.
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Thus, Norwegians will probably soon be able to pick and choose in electric cars – and get something that meets exactly their needs. After a new proposal for the state budget 2021 was presented on Wednesday, Norway’s largest car importer also went out and said they could reach the 2025 goal – of only selling electric cars – two years ahead of schedule!

Mercedes with six new electric cars – one soon here

On the same day, the German large group Daimler issued a press release about its electric car investment. They already have relatively great success in Norway with the electric SUV EQC, at the same time as the first copies of the van and multi-purpose car EQV have just arrived in the country.

Now, however, they reveal that the smaller SUV EQA will be put into production immediately, and probably ready for the Norwegian market during the first three months next year (Q1, 2021). During 2021, there will also be a sequel called EQB.

Later, even smaller models will appear on the new electric MMA platform.

Clear brands at Mercedes

To facilitate brand building, Mercedes will work with four clear sub-brands in the future:

  • EQ for electric cars and rechargeable hybrids.
  • G for off-road vehicles
  • AMG for performance models
  • Maybach for super luxury cars

New electric cars on new platform

But it does not stop there. Mercedes has developed another completely new production platform, Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA), where a range of larger electric cars will eventually roll out.

Here it starts with the luxurious sedan EQS, which will serve as a spearhead for the EQ series (electric cars only). The car is of course based on the concept car Vision EQS, how much will be the same, when series production starts in 2021. The manufacturer has promised that this will have a groundbreaking range of about 700 km.

The EQS will also come in an SUV variant.

On the EVA platform, the hitherto unknown E-Class version (EQE) of electric cars will also come rolling. It will also come as both a sedan and SUV version, we must believe Daimler. More details about these models are not yet known

<img itemprop="image" data-defer="view" title="ROAD MAP: Mercedes-Benz’s development plan for all-electric cars. Illustration: Daimler” alt=”ROAD MAP: Mercedes-Benz’ utviklingsplan for helelektriske biler. Illustrasjon: Daimler” class=” lazyload ” data-srcset=” 640w, 1024w, 1240w” data-src=”″ loading=”lazy”/>
ROAD MAP: Mercedes-Benz’s development plan for all-electric cars. Illustration: Daimler
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Five electric cars by 2021

Thus, Mercedes will be able to offer as many as five all-electric cars before next year is over: EQC, EQV, EQA, EQB and EQS. In addition, they will have 25 rechargeable hybrid versions in the stable. The plan for 2030 is to have as many as 20 electric cars and the same number of rechargeable hybrids, at the same time as the number of diesel and petrol cars is being phased out.

Executive Vice President Kjetil Myhre at the Norwegian Mercedes-Benz importer Bertel O. Steen believes that the all-electric models that are on the way are ready to build on the EQC success in Norway.

– When we know that electric cars from AMG and Maybach, and an electric variant of the legend G-Class, have been confirmed, there is reason to be optimistic on behalf of Norwegian customers, he says.

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