Mercedes-Benz no longer wants manual car production

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Transmission manual on cars increasingly irrelevant as the development of automotive technology. One of the brands that said they would stop producing it was Mercedes Benz because they want to switch to electrical technology.

Automotive journalist Coach, Greg Kable, in a tweet on Twitter reported that Marcus Schaeffer, Mercedes-Benz’s R&D boss, said the company would ‘remove manual transmissions’ as part of efforts to save global production costs.

In addition Schaeffer also cited this strategy to ‘reduce the platform substantially’ and ‘dramatically reduce the internal combustion engine’.

Mercedes-Benz is said to be using the same architecture to produce multiple models. This is related to plans for a large-scale switch to electric technology.

“We will reduce the ICE portfolio [Internal Combustion Engine] up to 40 percent by 2025 and up to 70 percent by 2030. This includes us no longer offering manual transmissions in the mid-term. Even so, these changes will occur naturally when we change the generation of vehicles, “explained a source from Mercedes-Benz as quoted by The Drive.

The manual transmission is not Mercedes-Benz’s favorite. According to The Drive, this German company is said to only offer it limited, for example the A-Class in England. While in the United States, Motor1 explained that Mercedes-Benz was the last to offer a manual on the 2015 production SLK250.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, Mercedes-Benz does not currently offer a single manual transmission model.


[Gambas:Video CNN]


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