Mercedes-Benz is preparing to offer exclusively electric cars. But it has a condition

The future of Mercedes will be marked by electric propulsion. From 2025, all its new platforms will be exclusively for electric propulsion.

The automotive industry, at least in Europe, is gradually switching to exclusively electric propulsion. More and more manufacturers are presenting their plans to switch to electric cars. Recently, such carmakers include Mercedes-Benz. He also plans to sell exclusively electric cars, but so far it conditions the market environment.

“The advent of electric cars is accelerating, especially in the luxury segment to which Mercedes-Benz belongs. The turning point is approaching and we will be ready, because the markets will switch to electricity only by the end of this decade, ”says Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of the Daimler Group, to which Mercedes-Benz belongs.

Therefore, according to management plans, Mercedes-Benz will be ready to offer exclusively electric cars by the end of this decade. However, it plans to do so only where market conditions allow. Between the lines, it can be read that it could be Europe, for example, or selected countries that widely support electromobility.

The gradual transition to electric propulsion will require new technology that will push the boundaries of what is possible even further. Therefore, in 2025, Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce three architectures adapted exclusively to electric propulsion. From the middle of the decade, all of Mercedes’ newly introduced platforms will be purely electric.

The company specifically calls the three new platforms MB.EA, AMG.EA and Van.EA. The first will be designed for all medium and large passenger cars. It will be modular so that it will be a central element of the future electrical portfolio. AMG.EA is then reserved for sports cars of the Mercedes-AMG division, as its name implies. Finally, Van.EA is developed for the needs of commercial vehicles.

At the same time, Mercedes is counting on its own development of electric motors. That’s why she bought the British-based company YASA. In addition, help from China, which is one of the big promoters of electric cars, is planned, so there are a number of companies dealing with this new technology.

The development of electric cars will logically also require an increase in the production capacity of batteries. That is why Mercedes, in cooperation with various partners, is counting on eight electric cell factories. The new generation of batteries will be standardized according to the brand’s plans and it will be possible to use them in 90% of all Mercedes cars.

And what are Mercedes’ electrical plans in terms of products? From 2022, the company will have an electrical representative in all segments in which it operates. By next year, Mercedes intends to offer eight electric cars, manufactured in seven factories on three continents. For example, the previously announced EQE SUV and EQS SU models are already plannedV. The manufacturer also admits on the Vision EQXX concept, which is to be an electric car that will reach more than 1,000 kilometers in the real world without the need to recharge.



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