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Mercedes-Benz Adjusts Green Mobility Plans, Lowering Expectations for Electric Cars

Mercedes-Benz is backing away from its ambitious plans for green mobility, lowering the bar it previously set much lower.

According to German media, according to internal plans, sales of Mercedes battery electric cars should have exceeded 20 percent of the total in 2023, but with 168,000 units sold, they managed to reach only 12 percent.

At the press conference, the manager of Mercedes, Ola Kallenius, admitted that this goal has not been achieved and announced a much more down-to-earth strategy – 50 percent of rechargeable hybrid cars and fully electric cars by 2030.

The manager explained that the pace of reorganization is determined by market conditions and customer wishes – Mercedes wants to satisfy various customer requirements, regardless of whether they are cars with a fully electric drive or an internal combustion engine.

The previous plans of the German manufacturer determined that 100 percent sales of electric vehicles should be achieved by 2030, however, with the caveat – where “market conditions allow”.

Kallenius acknowledged that conventionally powered cars still make up the majority of the company’s cash flow. He told Bloomberg Television that cost parity between internal combustion and electric cars is “many years away.” The presentation to investors showed that the cost of producing electric cars will not drop to the level of internal combustion engines again this decade. And this despite the fact that the production of gasoline and diesel-powered cars is likely to become more expensive once Euro 7 regulations come into force.

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