Mercato: why is this Thomas Tuchel darling still seen floping at Chelsea when he no longer looks like a flop?

And to answer, Timo Werner is no longer a flop. Real connoisseurs and regular Chelsea watchers know why he has played so much. Werner brings among others rare qualities in attack. Recruited 50 million euros by Chelsea, Timo Werner was fueling an average of 20 goals per season in the Bundesliga. This season he’s only scored six in the Premiere League, with nine assists. He also scored four in C1.

On arrival, Timo Werner can boast of several notable facts for its first season in England. He’s dating a Champions League even if it had nothing to do with the victorious goal and he still gambergé a lot in Porto. Then, since 2003, the six players having contributed at least 20 goals in their first Chelsea exercise are called Fabregas, Hazard, Diego Costa, Mata, Drogba and … Werner! Finally, even if we do not believe in a departure this summer from German, Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid follows him closely, proof of some value. And if Werner, not led to be an indisputable holder of the Euro, shines in this month of June, his rating will increase further. But despite this some still consider it a flop. Appalling…



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