Mercato: San or Havertz, Bayern has decided

Eager to attract great hope from German football in its attacking sector, Bayern Munich has the choice between Leroy San and Kai Havertz for this summer. After thinking about it, the Bavarian club finally decided to bet on the Manchester City winger.

Bayern looks more towards San for this summer.

Many feared the worst for Bayern Munich following the successive departures of Philipp Lahm, Arjen Robben or Franck Ribry. It is clear that the German club has perfectly managed this transition by attracting in its nets many promising players all lines.

There is now only one priority file to settle for the Bavarian leaders. That of the offensive star of tomorrow. The names of Leroy San (24) and Kai Havertz (20) have been widely mentioned in recent weeks. A duel between the two pites of German football which could lean for the first.

Hoeness’s confession regarding San

Indeed, the Manchester City winger is slowly but surely approaching a return to his homeland. Deprived of competition for almost ten months due to a serious knee injury, then the cut linked to the health crisis, the Citizen has only one year of contract with the English training. An opportunity all too good for Bayern, which intends to launch the final assault for the player form Schalke 04, estimated at around 60 million euros.

With Joshua Kimmich, Niklas Sle and, let’s hope, David Alaba, Thiago and Leroy San, we have a young and viable team. I can imagine, if all goes well, that a new re has just started at Bayern Munich , released former Bavarian President Uli Hoeness for Sky Sport Germany. A confessional indiscrtion which indeed confirms the choice made by Bayern to seriously strengthen its offensive line for this summer.

Havertz rather for 2021?

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The 1974 world champion also mentioned the Havertz dossier, which is much more complicated to complete in view of the current situation, but also because the Bayer Leverkusen is claiming at least 100 million euros for its pity, under contract until June 2022. We would certainly like to have it. But at the moment, it is obvious that you do not know exactly what the economic future of football as a whole is. I would like to see him play sports Munich , added the German leader.

Could this temporary renunciation cost Bayern? In view of the financial crisis, there is little chance that another European cador will field a 9-digit check for the attacking midfielder. The latter has also indicated that he would not be against staying at Bayer if he has the opportunity to compete in the Champions League. A wish fulfilled since Leverkusen is currently in 3rd place in the Bundesliga. A scenario that could satisfy all parties in the event of a merger in summer 2021. By then, San may have already made its hole in Munich.

San or Havertz, which player should bet Bayern for this summer? Do not hesitate to react and debate in the area add a comment


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