Mercato Rosso: “Simmering is King”

Viktoria Klimpfinger, editor-in-chief at 1000 things and freelance journalist, and Michael Seida, singer and songwriter, are guests of SPÖ Vienna state party secretary Barbara Novak.

Vienna (OTS / SPW) In the current edition of Mercato Rosso, Barbara Novak is once again a guest in one of Vienna’s 23 districts. And what is July 11th better for than for a stroll through the 11th district? As a district that virtually covers the entire cycle of life, Simmering has a lot to offer. Barbara Novak welcomes this time with the title “Simmering is King” Viktoria Klimpfinger, Editor-in-chief at 1000 things and freelance journalist, and Michael Seida, Singer, songwriter, dancer, entertainer and producer, two born Simmeringers in the Mercato Rosso studio. The hostess speaks to her two guests about their favorite places in the district, about tests of courage at Vienna’s central cemetery, whether there are bizarre things to discover in Simmering and what exactly Simmering has to do with Melanzani. The selection of songs in this issue is also entirely dedicated to the 11th district of Vienna.

The broadcast is now here retrievable.

Care: Next shipment on July 25, 2021

In the next edition, everything at the Mercato Rosso will revolve around the highly topical and much discussed topic of care. Forecasts show that in 30 years’ time every 10th person in Austria should be older than 80 years. What is urgently needed, therefore, are more caregivers who can offer older generations the best possible care in the event of illness – whether at home or inpatient – right up to the right support in old age. With her two guests Dr. Kai Leichsenring and Helene Lux Barbara Novak speaks about current challenges and necessary reforms in the care sector as well as about aging in general.

Questions about the program are gladly under the editorial accepted.

Über „Red Market“

Barbara Novak invites you to talk and music at the Mercato Rosso. In the traditional radio format – available as a podcast – everything revolves around people, opinions and a fine Viennese music mix. Burning topics of our time are discussed at the Mercato Rosso. With two guests – an expert on the respective focus topic and a representative from the arts and culture. In addition, music is played, mainly by local artists. The program can be accessed as a podcast every two weeks from Sunday morning on (Enough)

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