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At the end of his contract with FC Barcelona in June, Lionel Messi could well take the direction of Manchester City, which has just taken a public position.

Manchester City ready to jump at the chance for Messi.

It could have become the summer transfer! Cold with his leaders and disillusioned following the successive failures of his club in recent years, especially in the Champions League, Lionel Messi (33) asked to leave FC Barcelona by activating a clause allowing him to leave free.

Except that the Bara, comfort by La Liga, estimated that this clause was null and void and that the striker will not leave, unless a club pays 700 million euros, the amount of his release clause, which no one did.

Berrada speaks first of spculations

In the event of departure from the Pulga, a destination came back all the same with insistence: Manchester City. Asked this subject this Saturday by the media The Athletic, the director of operations of the Citizens, Omar Berrada, first denied any contact with the six-fold Golden Ball in recent weeks, citing simple rumors. This summer, it was interesting to see all the speculation around Messi wanting to come to Manchester City. It shows how much this club has grown, that we have a strong team and that the top players want to come and play for Pep (Guardiola) , underlined the leader.

… Then positions itself!

Cautious about the transfer window, Berrada is however much more talkative about the intentions of the Skyblues at the end of the season, when Messi will be free from any contract and certainly always open to start. If it had become a real possibility this summer, we would have considered it. He’s clearly one of the best players in the world so I think any club would like to have Messi on their squad. (…) We will see if this becomes a possibility one day. If he leaves Barcelona and it becomes something to be considered, we could explore that option. , thus slipped the Mancunien.

As a reminder, it was whispered this summer that the English club was ready to offer the native of Rosario a 5-year contract with a gross annual salary of 100 million euros, or 500 million euros on the entire lease! With such financial arguments and the presence of Guardiola, ex-coach of Messi at Bara, Manchester City can be confident in this matter …

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