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According to information from Bild, Olympique de Marseille is about to reach an agreement with Dortmund for the loan with option to buy, estimated at 12 M €, from central defender Leonardo Balerdi. A dossier led by coach Andr Villas-Boas from start to finish.

Leonardo Balerdi did not give satisfaction on the side of Dortmund.

Andoni Zubizarreta gone, would Andr Villas-Boas have become the new sports director of Olympique de Marseille? All the same not. But while waiting for the arrival of Head of Football promised by the president Jacques-Henri Eyraud, the trainer takes care of the transfer window and in particular of the defensive sector, where he could very soon succeed in a nice coup.

Priority of the Portuguese technician, the central defender of Borussia Dortmund Leonardo Balerdi (21 years old) seems indeed well on the way to join the Canebire…

M. Zorc – if all parties agree…

Without directly citing OM, BvB sports director Michael Zorc has announced that Balerdi, who has only played 7 games in the Bundesliga this season, will not be selected for the upcoming summer transfer window. If all parties agree, we will let Leo go. In defense, we are already very well provided. Even if he were to leave us, we will not need to find a replacement. (…) But for the moment, no final decision has been made, said the German leader in Kicker’s columns.

Zorc is right. At the moment, no agreement has been concluded between the two clubs, but that will not be long according to information from Bild! According to our German colleagues, OM is about to get what it wants from the BvB: a loan with option to buy. Confronted with serious financial difficulties, the Marseille formation will effectively not have the means to buy Balerdi as of this t…

Still no euro spent for OM

What about next summer? If Balerdi gives satisfaction, he could be kept. Indeed, Dortmund would have agreed to integrate a purchase option up to € 12 million according to Bild, which is less than the € 15.5 million in Boca Juniors countries to recruit the player in January 2019. When he spoke of agree all parties, Zorc probably imagined such an arrangement, which allows Borussia to save a salary, with the possibility of finding it in a year depending on certain circumstances. And if so, the German club will recover almost immediately.

to tell the truth, this agreement is especially beneficial for OM. As for Pape Gueye (21), at the end of the contract in Le Havre and therefore recruited free, the Phocens will not have to pay transfer fees. And even better: since it is a loan, there will also be no signing bonus for the player. When every penny counts, it matters… and management should not forget to thank Villas-Boas for forcing it!

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