Menthol cigarettes: ban comes into force – alternatives remain legal

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From May 20, menthol cigarettes will finally be over. The EU-wide ban comes into force after a four-year transition phase.

  • Menthol cigarettes are prohibited on May 20.
  • After a transition phase, the ban on the European Union comes into force.
  • However, there are other alternatives.

Munich – smokers of mentholCigarettes had known for a long time that this day would come: From May 20th the flavored tobacco will be whole EU forbidden. This was decided Ban years ago – now it ends Transition phase. However, there are still loyal menthol fans Alternatives.

Menthol cigarettes: EU ban applies from May 20, 2020

The regulation on Ban on menthol cigarettes is part of theEU tobacco directivethat already 2014 was passed after laborious negotiations and 2016 came into force. Since the directive, two thirds of the front and back of cigarette boxes and rolling tobacco packaging must also be used Shock pictures and explanatory warnings are reserved.

However, the EU created one four-year transition phase for products with a market share higher than three percent. These now ends on May 20, 2020.* This means that everyone in the EU is without exception Cigarettes with characteristic Flavors prohibited because it Tobacco flavor cover up and thus contribute to the promotion of tobacco consumption.

The rules should be the Reduce the smoking rate among young people and reduce “premature mortality”. The EU Commission is currently implementing one Study on the application of the tobacco directive* out.

Ban on menthol cigarettes: why the aroma butts are so dangerous

What’s So Bad About Menthol Cigarettes? “The biggest problem with menthol is that it has a cooling and pain-relieving, slightly anesthetic effect,” says Katrin Schaller from the Cancer Prevention Unit of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg. This leads to the fact that the normally scratchy smoke is easier to inhale. That makes menthol cigarettes especially attractive for new smokers.

Shortly before entry into force, the European Court of Justice confirmed the tightened rules. The Luxembourg judges declined in early May 2016 complain from Poland and more Tobacco company from. Looking at the flavors, they pointed out that products like Menthol cigarettes with a “pleasant aroma” should make smoking more attractive, especially for beginners. EU lawmakers were therefore authorized to ban these products in order to curb tobacco consumption.

Menthol cigarettes banned: alternatives and a possible way of smuggling remain

However, there are still a few Alternatives for stubborn mentholLoveras it was about former chancellors Helmut Schmidt was. Before his death in 2015, the EU rule was passed. The then chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück spread the rumor that Schmidt had already made provisions and Pile of menthol cigarettes heaped at home.*

Of the Ban however, are still not affected Flavors For E
*. So the vapers don’t have to worry about their flavors. Besides, is chewing tobacco, like the Swedish Skruf also not affected.

And there is another option for real menthol fans: Switzerland has not yet been affected by the ban, the reported. Already in 2013, there was fear of an increased smuggling of menthol cigarettes from Switzerland when the EU ban came into force.

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