Mental health table: Brandolin among the members

Cristina Brandolin

The president of the Trieste nurses appointed by Undersecretary Zampa: “Our system is a virtuous example also in the context of the lockdown”

TRIESTE. Cristina Brandolin will sit at the technical working table on mental health wanted at national level for a focus on the increasingly delicate issue due also to the Covid emergency.

Undersecretary Sandra Zampa appointed two nurses, choosing the president of the Trieste Order of Nursing Professions as well as an employee of the Asugi Department of Mental Health.

For Brandolin, this is a prestigious confirmation after the assignment received in 2019 within a pool of experts who have the task of verifying and preparing guidelines and guidelines for treatment and rehabilitation paths provided for mental disorders.

«I accepted with pride – Brandolin explains – in particular in this particular historical moment in which there is a significant increase in psychiatric disorders due to the pandemic emergency and the related social and economic difficulties, which affect people’s lives.

Lockdowns, restrictions and distances have limited relationships and this can affect everyone: individuals with certain vulnerabilities or those suffering from latent but not yet diagnosed disorders ».

Part of his work will consist in the export of good practices: «Our system – explains the president Opi with reference to what has been done in Trieste in the field of mental health in recent years – represents a virtuous example even in this complicated context.

We tried to reorganize ourselves, activating technologies and platforms that were new for us too. At the national level the situations are not all identical and the working table will also serve to promote the models that have guaranteed the greatest benefits ».

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Brandolin also launches an appeal regarding staff training: “Nurses represent 45% of mental health professionals in our country, in territorial services together with the other members of the team they are confronted daily with complex needs and a growing multiplicity of interlocutors.

For this reason – continues the president of OPI – specific knowledge and skills are required today, which should be further developed starting from the three-year course of study to get to specialized masters and research doctorates ».

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