“Mental health and its impact on the individual and society.” A seminar at the Dr

06:14 PM

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Luxor – Mohamed Mahrous:

Today, Saturday, the Dandara Cultural Center in Luxor organized a symposium on (mental health and its impact on the individual and society).

Dr. Muhammad Al-Muddathir gave a lecture at the symposium held in the village of Manshaat Al-Amari in Luxor, and reviewed the definition of mental health, which is the individual’s access to a state of psychological stability that enables him to live in psychological well-being and enables him to face the pressures of life. The importance of mental health, which enables the individual to control his emotions and desires and direct them, was reviewed. properly.

He also talked about the role of mental health in opening up a person to the horizons of himself, allowing him to understand himself, opening up to society, and understanding others.

He explained that the symposium is within the framework of the role played by Dandara centers in spreading cultural awareness among all segments of society.

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