Menpora refuses to involve Aremania in TGIPF’s Kanjuruhan tragedy

Malang, CNN Indonesia

Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Zainuddin Amali refuse wishes Aremania be involved in the Joint Independent Fact Finding Team (TGIPF) The Kanjuruhan tragedy.

In TGIPF, Zainudin Amali holds the position of vice president. He pointed out that the team worked independently and was not affiliated with anyone, including supporters of Arema, Aremania.

“It can’t be done, it’s an independent team. It’s not affiliated with any party,” Zainudin told Malang on Tuesday (4/10).


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Even so, the TGIPF will surely listen to Aremania’s declaration as a victim of this accident.

“Safe [mendengarkan korban]”We will come to various parties, not only unilaterally, the team will also come to the hospital, to the police and so on,” he said.

Zainudin guarantees that TGIPF will work professionally and objectively. They will discuss the picture at their inaugural meeting tonight in Jakarta.

He said the TGIPF also includes names that have been endorsed by President Joko Widodo.

“There is academician Rhenald Kasali, there is a senior journalist Anton Sanjoyo, there is also a former player Kurniawan [Dwi Yulianto] so it works without anyone’s influence. The results are immediate. Professional and objective “, she concluded.

The Aremania Supporters Group regretted the formation of the Independent Joint Fact Finding Team (TGIPF) for the Kanjuruhan tragedy, which did not involve them in it.

They admitted that they were disappointed with the composition of the TGIPF. According to Aremania, there will be no justice if the victim is not involved.

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“We ask for an independent team involving the Aremania team. There is no justice without the voice of the victim. Aremania is the victim in this incident,” said the general secretary of the KontraS Federation, Andi Irvan, on Tuesday while accompanying Aremania (4 / 10).

Therefore, Aremania formed its own investigation team. This team works independently, one of which is to ascertain the data of the victims of the Malang Kanjuruhan tragedy.

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