Menorca’s music schools open level 4 immersed in confusion

Confusion, contradictory measures and a lot of uncertainty. The music and artistic education schools of Menorca, as well as the Escola d’Art Dramàtic, did not know yesterday what are the criteria that should govern in their centers after the island passed on Saturday to phase 4 of health alert. Contradictory information made both directors and city councils alert, and especially Minister Miquel Àngel Maria, who forced an urgent virtual meeting on Friday. From it came the submission of a forceful letter addressed to the Ministry of Education to clarify criteria. Yesterday at noon there were still no clear guidelines.

These centers do not know if they should be governed by the rules of non-regulated training and applied by private academies or if their frame of reference is regulated training, as it has been until now in terms of hygiene measures, distancing and capacity. Level 4 of health alert for the first of the cases reduces the capacity to 50 percent with maximum groups of 6 students. For the second, they could maintain the current structure of their classes that do not exceed 10 people.

Directors of music schools explain that when the Government established this system of alert levels it was clear that its rules were governed by those that applied regulated education. But, with the move to level 4 came the surprise that they had to apply stricter criteria when treating them as unregulated. They even point out that they have been included as an extracurricular activity and, therefore, suspend face-to-face classes, an extreme this that the principals categorically discard. Education has also hinted that this training should be online as it cannot guarantee bubble groups.

In the letter sent to Martí March and signed by the councilor Miquel Àngel Maria, seven councilors and eight directors ask to be treated “the same as regulated art education schools, under the Organic Law of Education that recognizes artistic education as part of the system educational”. They consider that “it would make no sense that the Conservatory and music schools had to be governed by different criteria when the health situation is the same.” They ask that the reference framework be established “with health and non-bureaucratic criteria.”

Education informs that the subject is not within its competence, therefore, it already discards them as regulated training.

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