Men like Richard Muljadi Jogging in Bali, this said the Directorate General of Pas


A man like a convict in a cocaine case, Richard Muljadi, jogging in Bali is viral on social media (medsos). The Directorate General of Corrections (Ditjen Pas) at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights stated that they did not have the authority to sentence Richard.

The Head of Public Relations and Protocol at the Directorate General of Pas, Rika Aprianti, said that his party did not have the authority because the judge decided Richard had to undergo it rehabilitation.

“The person concerned has been decided by rehab, not with us,” said Rika via text message, Saturday (17/10/2020).

It is known that Richard was convicted in the use of narcotics cocaine and sentenced to 1.5 years in prison. The judge ordered the punishment to be carried out with rehabilitation first.

Richard was rehabilitated at the Drug Addiction Hospital (RSKO) Cibubur, East Jakarta. This verdict was decided by the judge at the end of February 2019.

“Imposing a criminal on behalf of Richard Muljadi with a sentence of 1 year and 6 months determines the length of the detention period previously served is deducted from the sentence that has been carried out,” said the head of the panel of judges Krisnugroho while reading the verdict at the South Jakarta District Court, Jl Ampera Raya, South Jakarta, Friday (28/2/2019).

“Ordered the defendant to undergo medication and treatment through medical rehabilitation and social rehabilitation in the rehabilitation center RSKO, “added Krisnugroho.

The panel of judges stated that Richard Muljadi’s actions were proven to be a criminal act of narcotics abuse for himself as regulated in Article 127 paragraph (1) letter a of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 35 of 2009 on Narcotics.

What does the judge mean by ordering the punishment to be carried out with rehabilitation?

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“It means he was sentenced for 1 year and 6 months. Ordered to undergo rehabilitation until healed. How long will he recover, the doctor knows,” said South Jakarta District Court (Jaksel) Public Relations officer Achmad Guntur told reporters on Thursday (28/2/2019) .

If Richard Muljadi is declared by RSKO to recover from drug dependence before the criminal period is over, Richard will still have to serve a prison sentence.

“Later, if he is declared cured by the doctor (but) there is still a remaining sentence that has not yet been served, he must undergo the sentence. The rehabilitation period is calculated like the period of serving in detention,” explained Guntur.

Previously it was known that the video of a man like Richard Muljadi jogging in Bali circulated on social media and received various responses from netizen. Netizen highlighted that a man like Richard Muljadi who ran with the other two men was escorted by a Highway Patrol (PJR) car while jogging.

Netizen There were also those who asked about the status of Richard Muljadi, who was sentenced to prison for the cocaine case in February last year. Do not stop there, netizen also highlighted the three men brought along a white dog while being escorted by the police. Behind them was a white car participating in the escort.

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