Men Can Get Breast Cancer, Be Alert to This Habit: Okezone Lifestyle

Breast cancer is dominated by women, but there is a small proportion of men who also experience this one health problem. The amount is very small, but it is a fact that breast cancer is not only experienced by women.

Oncology Doctor explained Dr. dr. Aru Wisaksono Sudoyo, Sp.PD-KHOM, FACP, during his practice, only 3 male breast cancer patients were found. The figures are very small, but the fact that he discovered is that it is difficult for patients to achieve a cure.

“Breast cancer in men is actually very difficult to cure, because the basis is not estrogen. So, it is very difficult to cure,” he explained in a Webinar some time ago.

Prof. Aru continued, there are several factors that cause a man to develop breast cancer, for example because of the environment and he is a smoker. Yes, smoking not only causes lung cancer, but can also cause problems to male breasts.

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“Men who smoke have a risk of developing breast cancer. In addition, environmental factors also have an effect on this rare case,” he explained.

Maybe some of you think that men who have breast cancer take estrogen injections so that complications occur in their bodies and breast cancer appears. However, this assumption was denied by Prof. Aru.

“My patient does not mean that he has too much estrogen, then his breasts are also big, not really. They are male, but they do have a lump. Then a biopsy and cancer cells were found in her breasts. After that she received chemotherapy,” said Prof. Aru.

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