Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 7/04/21

Bets like today’s make the ONLY BIG TRUTH of the Trono over: without Tina Cipollari the moments dedicated to Gemma Galgani they don’t have a shit sense of existence. Zero. Nada. Nein.

When the Men and women the led goes down and appears Gemmona intent on dry tears in the backstage, the Honduran pelotas collapse with a speed that not even Frank Matano when the Lol: Who laughs is out tries to escape from the irony of others, and they are reactivated only when Tina starts with his sarcastic invective against the famous falseness of the lady. When the Onions is absent ‘ste bets do not face their own. No Tina, no party. Only DEADLY BOREDOM.

Why really feel the Galgani to say that she felt teased by that Riccardo that after ONLY ONE WEEK he preferred to close without pulling it unnecessarily long, since he had not taken anything in going out with her (and there is, for God’s sake, but what fault do we want to do to him?), but NOT from Nicola Vivarelli that if he had come forward it was OWN by virtue of the “particular period“That we were experiencing last year (which prevented them from too close contact, parrying their buttocks in the face of any physical approaches of the lady) and who kept her going for FOUR MONTHS just to stay in the studio every time (continuing to write to her even while he was on board for work, to secure a return ticket once he was done wandering the seas) he touches unexplored cringe peaks, indeed.

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And between a Armando Incarnato who attributes all the blame to the sailor who “he loves you, offers you coffee, gives you a smile but has taken you for the c * o for 4 months. […] With the other girls you went out with the part of the man you did, as never with Gemma no?” it’s a Gianni Sperti who instead thinks that “the only mistake was made by a 72-year-old woman who accepted the court of a 26-year-old, when she accepts and goes on, the responsibility is hers“, I on trust do not save either of them. What do I do first, here. Both paraculi. Both disgustingly fake and paraculous. And also the columnist – who comes up with “Why Armando in this studio does he fleas at all? I don’t understand what his role is. […] Armando, don’t describe yourself as a saint when you are not, huh … WHAT IF WE COULD SAY EVERYTHING …“But then he says NOTHING and does not empty the bag making us understand ONCE AND FOR ALL why atEmbodied liberties are granted that others do not have – so much better than them it is not.

The only light at the end of the tunnel of today’s episode was Isabella. Queen Isabella. Which in two words he shrewdly summed up over a decade of excessive power Gemmic.

First of all he demolished that CLAMOROSAMINCHIATA of the emotion (cit.). On the fact that “We don’t value these things rightHe agreed with Nicola. It’s a pity that Sirius all emotion – to ruffle Gemma, of course, who pretended to have created expectations of Riccardo for two basins he’d put in his messages – he was giving too much value. While she, of course, reduced smilies to what they really are. Fuck * you, in fact. Why “if one really wants to give a person a kiss, he takes it, goes there and gives it to him. Come on then!“.

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Secondly he understood that the friendship offer that Riccardo had done to the Galgani it was not meant in a literal sense, santodddio, but it was simply a kind way to get out of the way that the foolish expectations placed on him give Gemma after 3 minutes that she knew him they had put it on. Nothing more. And it didn’t take long to figure that out Riccardo did not crave the idea of ​​becoming bff of the Galgani, huh. She must have guessed it too, let alone, but evidently it was more convenient for her to baste the drama on the “very important value of friendship“. What’s not to be done for half a shot more, oh.

Finally he described the secret of the success of Gemma with a clarity that is a rare commodity in that studio. Reducing everything to a greater curiosity that the homunculi inside there feel in knowing a woman “that has been in this transmission for many years“Compared to any woman in the parterre. But “if you didn’t call yourself Gemma, if you weren’t popular, you might not have experienced all this enthusiasm“.

And that “So many times one’s needs are projected onto the first one that passes by, it happens”Is an excellent synthesis of EVERYTHING.

In conclusion, an affectionate pat on the back to Giacomo Czerny, who today made me an infinite tenderness while trying to manage the outbursts of Martina Grado e Carolina Ronca. Personally, I found the first spontaneous and the second absolutely spectacular. Typical cliché men and women mode on, right. IS Carolina it does not seem at all credible even when external to feel bad, even without giving it to see why “I’ve had panic attacks and I am so capable of managing my emotions that I can restrain them“, But then in case of choice she would get out of there with him right away. Occchei.

Hope the fact of bringing in the outdoor Martina leaving home there Hoarse not born only to get a reaction of the latter, that’s it. But that “Can I calm down for a moment?” of Martina to which he replied “Can I stay here with you and calm you down?“Gives me hope, for now.

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Video from the episode: Whole betCarolina: “Giacomo I’m disappointed. Do you realize how you treat me? “Martina: “Giacomo, do you really want to see me?”Giacomo: “Carolina heartbeats don’t lie”James without peaceGemma and Riccardo: clarification in the studioGemma: “Riccardo but what friendship …”Maria: “Gemma did you feel teased by Riccardo?”Isabella: “Gemma if you weren’t so popular …”Armando: “Gemma know that Riccardo was more respectful of Nicola”

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