Memphis Depay Sad About PHP Barcelona


Memphis Depay really desperate to be in uniform Barcelona, but the transfer failed to materialize. President Lyon Jean Michel Aulas said Depay was disappointed with Barca.

In the transfer market last summer, it was believed that Memphis Depay’s move to Barcelona was a matter of time. Because Lyon has announced that there is a personal agreement between the player and the Catalunya club.

Lyon itself has opened wide opportunities for Barcelona to complete the transaction, including providing a discount. They only ask for a fee of 25 million euros for the former PSV and Manchester United player.

This is inseparable from Depay’s contract situation. The 26-year-old’s contract only remains until June 2021, making Lyon’s position difficult.

If they don’t take them off immediately, their position will get weaker and potentially get a lower ransom in January. In fact, it is not impossible for Depay to leave for free next summer.

In fact, the transfer, which was believed to be a matter of time, failed to materialize. Barcelona did not fulfill Lyon’s request until the transfer market ended on October 5.

The failure of the transfer was claimed by Lyon President Jean Michel Aulas to spark Depay’s disappointment.

“Koeman (Barcelona coach) gave him hope and Memphis is ready to force a move. Now he is disappointed, but not with Olympic lyon, but with Barcelona, ​​”he was quoted as saying SPORT.

However, Aulas also revealed that Memphis Depay likely to retry another transfer to Barcelona in January.



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