Members of Frenaaa fight with followers of López Obrador in the Zócalo

There was jerking and shouting with the members of Frena, who responded by throwing smoke bombs. Photo: Cuartocuro


This Saturday a brawl among some members of the group FRENAAA and supporters of the president of Mexico after the latter tried to jump over the fences that protect the camp that the opposition group to López Obrador installed in the capital’s Zócalo.

According to the Secretary of Government of Mexico City, the supporters of the president, in addition, set fire, so that “there were jerks and shouts with the members of Frena, who they responded by throwing smoke bombs”.

Through a statement, they commented that the situation was controlled “after personnel from the SECGOB Dialogue and Agreement Group spoke with the leader of López Obrador’s supporters to express peacefully and avoid confrontation”.

Given this situation, it was determined that elements of the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC) stay in place to protect the Plaza de la Constitución and thus “provide security to the protesters who are in the sit-in, as well as to all the social expressions that arrive at the place and to the citizens in general,” the document stated.

Finally, they highlight that “the Government of Mexico City calls to maintain order and peace during the different social expressions that are carried out without affecting third parties, as well as will continue to accompany all mobilizations to guarantee their right to free expression and peaceful social protest ”.

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