Members of DKI DPRD from PDIP Apologize for Jakarta Floods

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Member DPRD DKI Jakarta Hardiyanto Kenneth apologizes to residents Jakartaespecially victims flood due to heavy rains on Tuesday (18/1) in the West Jakarta area.

“I, as part of the DKI Jakarta Administration, apologize for this inconvenience. I have asked the relevant agencies to follow up quickly to deal with flooding in a number of places, especially in the Cengkareng, Tegal Alur and surrounding areas,” Kenneth said in a written statement in Jakarta. , Thursday (20/1).

The PDIP politician then criticized the flood prevention program launched by Governor Anies Baswedan.

According to him, what Anies did before the rainy season did not help at all in tackling flooding in the capital city.

“Governor Anies’ flood program failed miserably, why not focus on river normalization,” he said.

“This flood problem has become a subscription every year, if not at the end of the year, at the beginning of the year, don’t just think about flood prevention when the flood occurs. The problem of normalizing river and tidal levees is not done optimally,” added Kenneth.

According to Kenneth, Anies must focus on implementing the river normalization program and repairing waterways in residents’ villages because there are still many villages in Jakarta that do not have adequate water channels.

He also assessed that Governor Anies’ flagship program, namely infiltration wells, had no real benefit in tackling floods and had to be accounted for because hundreds of billions of public money were used in the program.

Kenneth also asked Anies not to only focus on the Formula E electric car racing event and make the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) proud in the midst of the flood disaster that hit Jakarta residents.

“The governor should be focused and totally focused on tackling floods,” he said.

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Previously, Governor Anies claimed that the handling of floods in the Capital City in the last few days was carried out quickly and quietly.

He also revealed that flooding in several areas of the capital was the result of rain with extreme intensity.

Anies also ensured that the residents were safe and that there were no casualties. He said all pumping efforts were carried out so that the flood could recede within a maximum of six hours after the rain stopped.

Floods in Jakarta are still submerging 77 RTs until Wednesday (19/1), at 18.00 WIB with the highest water level reaching 85 cm.

Of the 77 RTs or about 0.253 percent of the 30,470 RTs in DKI Jakarta, there are 310 families (KK) refugees with 1,194 inhabitants.


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