Member of Commission IX: Beware of Diseases More Harmful than Covid-19

House of Representatives Commission IX member Rahmad Handoyo.

JAKARTA – Be aware of Covid-19 it needs to be done. However, long before Covid-19 struck, various diseases that were first discovered such as heart disease, diabetes, tuberculosis (TB), Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF), HIV / AIDS which have caused many deaths also need to be aware because they have not been handled properly.

In a press statement on Sunday (6/28/2020), House of Representatives Commission IX member Rahmad Handoyo invited the public to be ignorant of diseases that are no less dangerous than Covid-19.

“It is very dangerous if in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are ignorant of other disease outbreaks that also cause many deaths,” Rahmad said.

Rahmad said, the community must not be careless and must be willing to follow government policies. If people are more concerned about health, the death rate due to disease will decrease.

He gave an example of dengue outbreaks that almost every year increases, even though deaths caused can actually be prevented.

“Preventing dengue fever is not too difficult. It is enough to clean mosquito nests in their respective environments. But if the appeal for cleaning is not done, the disease can come,” explained the legislator from the PDI-P faction.

Rahmad said, in the end various types of plague and disease could only be resisted by mutual cooperation.

The community follows the health protocol and together with the government runs a healthy living community movement program.

Just for comparison, data from the Ministry of Health, until June 2020 TB patients in Indonesia reached 845 thousand cases with a mortality rate reaching 98 thousand people, this number is an increase compared to the previous year.

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Data from, in 2018 there were 845 thousand TB cases and 93 thousand died. The death rate due to tuberculosis reaches 60 percent, while the death rate due to the Corona virus is only around 3-5 percent.

Not much different from tuberculosis, dengue outbreaks are also still a frightening specter. Data from the Ministry of Health, until June 2020 in Indonesia, the number reached 68 thousand dengue cases.

Currently found between 100-500 cases per day. The mortality rate is far higher than the corona virus.

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